Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Remembering Mom & more

Mother's Day doesn't hold for me what it used to since my Mother passed away. But, I still did something in her memory this year. I recreated a cookbook she put together for me 25 years ago. She compiled recipes from all my relatives, put them in a book and glued a picture of each of them with the recipe. Thanks to Heritage Makers, I have been able to recreate this wonderful cookbook and now I get to share it. My Mother loved to cook, so it is very fitting that I share recipes. Take a look:

Now that spring is actually coming to this part of the world, brides are planning their weddings. I'm pretty excited about the great wedding package that Heritage Makers has created:

CLICK HERE to see the flyer and view ALL the templates (there are more!)

And don't forget the Pick of the Month:

A "Cookbook" credit and a "Card Deck" credit - a great deal. Just give me a call or drop me an email and I'd love to tell you more.