Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring is near!

Last weekend it was so nice outside, that I actually got to work in the yard. I was able to prune my apricot & peach trees and grape bush. It was so nice to be outside working and realizing how very blessed I am to live in such a beautiful place with trees, bushes, flowers, garden... it's amazing.

Something else amazing has happened for me in the last month. I have felt some strong healing with the relationship between myself and my deceased Father. You may ask, how did this happen...Heritage Makers!!!! I created a book that fills me with happy memories and makes me smile (and cry a little) every time I look at it or share it with someone else. I call it "Songs I Learned From My Father" since it showcases the songs my Dad and I used to sing together as I tagged along on his work days. It has filled my heart with love. I'll share it with you here and hope that it inspires you to create a book for someone you love, either living or dead. It will touch your heart and their heart, I promise.